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Special Gift to our Pet Friendly Friends

is waiting for you to take home.

It is located in the Honeymoon Suite in front of the fireplace.  

This 4X6 Lambskin Rug is yours to take home, as our present to you, when you rent the Honeymoon suite at Ocean Front Vacation Rentals for a minumun of 4 nights, click for more information.

Not ready for a Honeymoon?  We have other Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Options

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals
for Pampered Pets and their Owners

Many people cannot imagine placing their pets in a kennel while they are on vacation. The thought of their beloved pet cooped up while they are on vacation is just unimaginable.  Here are some interesting facts.

1.  U.S. pet ownership and pet spending at all time high.

2.  63% of U.S. households have a pet, which equates to over 69 million homes.

3.  67% of pet owners travel with their pets.  Travelers whose travel dates are not constrained to their children’s’ school schedules. Or people with their other children—their beloved dogs.

According to American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) 2003-2004 National Pet Owners Survey, thirty-nine percent of U.S. households (or 40.6 million) own at least one dog. And according to the Travel Industry Association of America, more than twenty-nine million Americans took trips of more than fifty miles with their pets during the past three years.

4.  37% of pet owners would travel more with their pets if they knew more accommodations accepted pets.  Most vacation rental owners worry about the pet doing damage to their properties. But those fears are more often than not unfounded. Remember, people who are rent a vacation rentals are going on vacation for rest, relaxation or taking in the sights. If their dog or cat is not one that travels well, they’re going leave it at home.  However, if they have a little “Babette”, “Buckaroo”, or “Princess”—who gets their nails and hair done every week, they wouldn’t consider leaving her at home.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, the pets that travel are going to be perfect house guests. And here’s the icing on the cake: Vacation property owners who accept pets increase their occupancy by 10%–50%!

5.  76% of pet owners are loyal to a vacation rental that accepted pets, even when they weren't traveling with their pets.

6.  Most people consider their pet as part of the family, therefore their pet goes with them on vacation.

If you have decided to take your pet with you on vacation, then there are things you need to consider, the first would be finding a pet friendly vacation rental.

When making your travel plans, check with the reservation clerk at the vacation rental to verify that they do accept pets. You should also indicate the breed of your dog, as some vacation rentals have restrictions on the size and breed. You should also ask about any additional costs or deposits that may be necessary if you bring your pet.

Another question would be if you were allowed to leave your pet unattended in the room. The bottom line is to be sure you understand the vacation rental's pet policy so there is no misunderstanding when you get there.

For your pet's sense of security, pack your pet's favorite toy and food. Just like packing for yourself, pack any medications or vitamins that your pet may be taking. In addition, be sure to have your pet's vetrinary phone number on hand just in case there is an emergency.

You would not leave home without any identification neither should your pet. Your pet's identification tag should have the pets name, contact number, and immunization tag if applicable. Never let your pet out of your sight, tying them up outside while you shop inside could be detrimental for you and your pet. Someone could steal your pet, or even antagonize your pet to the point that they may bite.

A portable kennel for your pet will offer a comfortable and secure place for your pet while you are out. In addition, it will eliminate any mischievous behavior and possible damages to the room. A portable kennel will put your mind at rest knowing your pet is safe and so is the vacation rental room.

Many attractions are pet friendly. Research your vacation area for these pet friendly tourist sites either online or through the local chamber of commerce. It is worth your while to know what attractions in the area allow pets before you travel.

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